You’re a High-Achieving Professional Who Wants a Better Life

Psychotherapy can help you overcome many problems at work and in your personal life.

You have landed at my counselling and therapy website because you want a Registered Clinical Psychologist in Perth who can help you with your problems.

You’re tired of living the way you have been.

You want to feel good about your life.

You are an intelligent professional or business person. It doesn’t make sense that you should try so hard and still struggle so much.

Life has become difficult.

You have tried several ways to pull yourself out of the rut you are in but in spite of your best efforts, nothing has worked.

You feel stuck and fed up.

But you aren’t ready to give up yet.

There is a burning deep desire inside of you to do more and be more.

Reasons Professionals Come to See Me for Therapy – You May Resonate with Some of Them:


Many people report that therapy has the following benefits ….

  • Feeling healthier and more relaxed, sleeping better and eating better
  • Feeling more secure and confident
  • Improved skills to make relationships more fulfilling
  • Increased enjoyment and satisfaction with work
  • A life enhanced by more ease and optimism

As a clinical psychologist, my role is to help you live a healthier, more satisfying and fulfilling life – and I have a long track record of helping people do just that.

Hi, my name is Dr. Su Chan.

I am an experienced Registered Clinical Psychologist in Perth who has completed both Masters and Doctoral postgraduate training in psychology. My interest area is dealing with problems that distress people and impede their performance. I adopt evidence-based psychological approaches demonstrated as having high rates of effectiveness.

I have worked with diverse problems. I enjoy assisting people to live life in accordance with their values and improve their approach to fulfilling their goals.

As a high-achiever myself, I understand how to get past inevitable difficulties associated with relationships, family and career. I am well positioned to formulate individualised strategies on ways to flourish.

I am committed to maintaining and furthering my skills. I keep up to date with new developments in coaching and clinical psychology so that I can serve my clients to the best of my ability.

I’d like to help you heal your pain and make the choices that will bring you peace, happiness and fulfillment.

This is the only life you have.

Isn’t it time to have it work for you, instead of against you? 

Let me help you create a better life and better relationships.

Contact me and find out more how I can help.

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