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About Dr. Su Chan – Clinical Psychologist in Perth

Therapy Philosophy

I believe you always have choices, regardless of your life situation and the struggles or pain that you are facing.

I believe that therapy can help you find solutions to your difficulties and guide you to discover a path to a better life. You don’t have to have it all figured out – all you have to do is take one step at a time.

You have talents and gifts that are unique to you. I believe that accessing and strengthening them so that you can share them with the world can lead to a more meaningful and rewarding life.

Key Attributes as a Therapist

As an accomplished professional, I strive to be the best therapist I can be. I practice what I preach and have a track record of working closely with my clients to produce favourable outcomes.

I am passionate about my work and care deeply about my clients’ wellbeing and progress in therapy.

As a therapist, I listen closely to what my clients are telling me. I strive to be real and honest with them. Essentially, I make my living by being a good listener and a skilled problem solver.

Integrity and ethics are very important to me. If I don’t feel well equipped to help you, I will refer you to someone who I believe can help.

I have completed both Masters and Doctoral postgraduate training in psychology. My training helps in dealing with complex problems that may distress and disturb you.

I stay up to date with developments in coaching and clinical psychology by reading widely and attending numerous workshops and conferences on an ongoing basis.

Diverse Experience as a Therapist, Lecturer, and Author

Currently consult at a state public hospital in addition to my private psychology practice:

I’m the sole clinical psychologist working at a major teaching hospital. I assist patients with managing their persistent pain. I also provide guidance and treatment about how they can deal with their psychological issues related to having ongoing pain.

In addition, I also own a private practice where I provide counselling and psychotherapy to high-achieving professionals.

Previous work with complex problems:

Past therapy work has included setting up and running a counselling service for refugee survivors of torture and trauma. I also worked as the sole clinical psychologist for several rural and metropolitan health services, often where resources were scarce.

Skilled in working with people from different cultures:

I am widely traveled, and have lived half of my life in Australian culture and half in another culture. Consequently, I am aware of some of the challenges that can arise in adjusting to a new environment and being less available to family and friends overseas.

Lecturer in psychological approaches to persistent or chronic pain management:

At the hospital where I work, I teach a group pain management course to patients. I also give talks on psychological approaches to managing persistent pain to medical and dental professionals and am a regular guest lecturer at the School of Dentistry at the University of Western Australia.

In addition, as I work in a teaching hospital, I contribute towards the training of psychological aspects in persistent pain management with trainee doctors and medical students.


I am the second author of the Australian Psychological Society’s Position Statement on the “The Role of the Psychologist in the Management of Chronic Pain” (2016).

In addition, I have published booklets for the public on relationships, school refusal, managing excessive worry, anxiety, and stress; and coping after a traumatic event.

Psychology Education and Training

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), First Class Honours, Murdoch University, 1997-2000

Masters of Psychology (Clinical), University of Western Australia, 2003-2005

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), Murdoch University, 2001-2005


I have received the following awards:

  • Vice-Chancellor Commendation Awards for Academic Excellence Murdoch University, 1999
  • Australian Psychological Society Award for being the top Psychology student at Murdoch University, 2000
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarship Australian Government, 2001-2004
  • Postgraduate Research Studentship Murdoch University, 2001-2004
  • Special Commendation, Mental Health Good Outcomes Awards presented to me by the Minister of Mental Health, 2009

Professional Psychologist Memberships

  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • The Australian Pain Society (APS)
  • The Australian Psychological Society (APS)
  • The Australian Psychological Society’s Clinical College
  • The Australian Psychological Society’s Interest Group in Coaching Psychology
  • The Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA)
  • The Institute of Clinical Psychologists (ICP)
  • The Australian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (AACBT)

Personal Background and Interests

I was born in Singapore. My parents and teachers inculcated the importance of hard work, sincerity, courage, generosity and service, which I continue to value.

I have done exceptionally well academically as a student. I have had a wide range of life and job experiences, including a previous career in engineering. Although I was very good at my job in the engineering sector, it wasn’t fulfilling me. My heart called me to do something else.

Thankfully, I found the field of psychology and the rest is history.

I couldn’t be more fulfilled as a clinical psychologist. It is very meaningful to help people create better lives. I am an avid reader – my favorite topics are psychology, spirituality, and biographies.

I love landscape photography, travel and being in mother-nature. I have an active lifestyle which includes weight lifting and indoor cycling. I love swimming and tennis too.

If you think we might be a good fit to work together in therapy, take the next step and contact me to book an appointment in my Perth office.


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