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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

How A Psychologist Can Help

If you suffer from anxiety, you may worry or fret a lot. Perhaps you have fears that seem irrational; they feel out of your control.

You might have trouble sleeping and wake up in the mornings thinking about all the things that may go wrong during the day. You may also feel depressed.

You try to stop the negative thoughts, to no avail. Your anxiety could be due to having to make a speech, meet a deadline or sit for an exam. Or, it could arise following a stressful or traumatic event that has left you shaken.

You may feel anxious for no logical reason, which can concern you even more.

If you have panic attacks, you know how scary and overwhelming they can be. Sometimes they just come out of nowhere. They can feel like you are losing control or like you are going to die.

Feelings of panic can cause an accelerated heart rate, sweating, trembling or shaking, and sensations of shortness of breath. You might feel like you are choking. These symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and frightening.

The support of a clinical psychologist can help you manage anxiety and help you function better in your life.

You can feel more at peace and in control.

My therapy for anxiety and panic attacks may include:

  • Teaching you strategies for reducing and managing anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Helping you improve your ability to focus and think clearly.
  • Helping you manage your anxiety which in turn may boost your confidence.
  • Teaching you strategies for accepting yourself and your body.
  • Helping you reduce any inclination to self-medicate with food and alcohol.
  • Helping you develop strategies to feel calmer and more relaxed.

I can help you reduce and manage anxiety and panic attacks. After consultation we will develop a specific treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Therapy can help you cultivate better focus and clarity, and live a steadier life.

It might be intimidating to reach out to a therapist, especially if you’ve never been to therapy before—but it’s a first step towards having more peace of mind.

Contact me if you want assistance with managing your anxiety.

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