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Taking Steps That Are Too BIG thumbnail

One of the common issues my high achieving clients have is that they think they have to suck it up and always take BIG steps towards what they care about; and, as a consequence, they struggle. Here is the thing – yes, in order to grow and succeed in your life, at times you must… Read More

How to Manage Your Inner Critic thumbnail

One of my clients read the blog post, Playing Well. She commented that while she could understand that it is difficult for her to feel good if she is not doing the things she enjoys, she struggles with an inner critic - an inner voice that lives inside her head and insults and criticizes her… Read More

Playing Well thumbnail

The proverb, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” speaks volumes. Yet, I know of so many high achieving professionals who neglect the element of play and sometimes replace it with more work. Many of my therapy clients who are depressed are not engaged in activities that make them feel good. When… Read More

What it Takes to Achieve Your Goals thumbnail

As a high a high-achieving professional, when you look back at your accomplishments you can identify some (if not many) where you were able to focus and achieve your goals fairly easily. Whether it was getting your driver’s licence, completing your university degree, establishing your business, paying off your mortgage, or something else, you pushed… Read More

Overemphasis on Work Can Lead to Dissatisfaction and Even Depression thumbnail

In my work as a psychologist, I often meet high-achieving professionals who overemphasis one aspect of their lives  – usually their career. These individuals are usually competitive, achievement-oriented, take their work very seriously, spend the bulk of their time working and have trouble relaxing or don’t feel take time for fun. Unfortunately, when I see… Read More

Su’s Musing – Welcome thumbnail

As a high achieving professional, life can stressful. It is not uncommon if you are faced with numerous stressors and challenges. This might range from job stress of working long hours or hustling to meet deadlines, financial concerns, relationship and family issues, personal health issues, etc.… There are many things that you can do to… Read More